audio visual production

American Airlines

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“Ready to Restore American to Greatness”. Not only was this the theme for American Airlines 2014 Leadership Conference, but the mindset embraced by the 15,000 attendees of their event, held in Dallas, Texas.

For over ten years, Merestone has proudly produced American’s annual leadership conference. The show opener was a video produced by Merestone’s Creative Services department that celebrated the history of flight and the achievements of American Airlines. This year’s show content was focused on recalling the historical milestones that made American great, while planning for an even greater future.

The event invited the company’s associates to see and hear the current financial, operational, and strategic state of the airline. The associates gained a deeper understanding of their company’s vitality by hearing directly from their executives, and the executives got feedback from their associates with Q&A from the audience.


  • CAD Layouts
  • Custom Staging Design
  • Scenic Décor
  • Audio Visual
  • Lighting
  • Graphic Design
  • Signage
  • Video Opening
  • Powerpoint Graphics
  • Table Décor
  • Theme Properties
  • Entertainment
  • Production Staff
  • Trucking
  • Special Effects