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Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl

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With Nacho-red flowing drapes, fire columns and elaborate table dressings, prints and décor, Merestone made the party for the finalists in the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest a big success. Branding is key in an event like this, and the most careful attention was paid, from the bars to the tablecloths, flowers and step-and-repeat. Customized, full-size panels were created to highlight each of the finalists in the highly publicized contest where filmmakers created commercials for Doritos, hoping to win the $1M top prize which included a contract with Universal Studios. The announcement and airing of the winning commercial took place during the Super Bowl, and this precursor event made sure all the finalists knew they were top notch and honored for their great work.


  • CAD Layouts
  • Custom Staging Design
  • Scenic Décor
  • Audio Visual
  • Lighting
  • Graphic Design
  • Signage
  • Table Décor
  • Theme Properties
  • Entertainment
  • Production Staff
  • Special Effects