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Over the years, the look and feel of trade show booths have changed dramatically. Today, cutting-edge trade show booth design needs 3-D visualization to leverage the latest hardware and materials for construction. In addition, elements like clean lines, modern layouts, LED video, and lighting all play a key role in form and function. Merestone’s Scenic and Creative Team has over a decade of experience designing state-of-the-art trade show booths. From 3-D renders and CAD layouts to the fully-fabricated finished product, we do it all in-house. We pride ourselves on trade show booth design and fabrication.

Concept To Production

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Trade Show Booth Design

Booths for any size and budget

Merestone has decades of experience designing, fabricating, and installing booths all over the country. During our pre-production phase, our Creative and Scenic teams work diligently to design, plan and quote every build. The result is an accurate estimate and timetable that ensures the integrity of our client’s vision.

Trade Show Booths have come a long way from drape and hardware. Today, Merestone relies on lightweight frames for the overall structure. These frames are versatile, strong, and they allow installers to quickly apply graphics. We can connect them in almost any configuration. The best part is that the frames take up less room than traditional walls or jack supports. This is just one of the many in-house solutions we offer.

Merestone can design a solution that fits your need and budget. Reach out below to get our creative team on a call.

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