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Merestone Productions International

Recently, Merestone traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands to produce a press event and concert for Imagine Communications. In order to be at the top of our game, here are the FIVE things we consider while traveling abroad.

  1. The Metric System: When designing for new venues and event spaces, having all the details is vital… especially if you need to convert your measurements for the metric system.
  2. Exchange Rate: Whether you are negotiating the price of events in advance or accounting for last minute expenses, knowing the conversion rates for each country’s currency can make or break your budget.
  3. Cultural Work Differences: Working outside of your country there may be cultural differences that come up. In some countries, a coffee break may take as long as there is coffee to drink, while in America we may take a “working break” and keep going with café in hand.
  4. Time Change: Jet-lag is one thing, but making sure all your crew is well rested and have reset their clocks is important.
  5. Cell Phones: The client will be calling, so be sure to upgrade your cell phone and your crew’s cell phones to international plans so that there are open lines of communication.