Employee Holiday Party

Merestone Productions created an immersive winter wonderland experience for our client’s employee holiday party and it blew the knitted beanies right off their heads. When handling a large-scale business’ holiday party, it’s imperative to remember that this is their time to cut loose, introduce their plus ones to their company, and celebrate the holidays together. Merestone ensured this was an experience they would not forget.


Snow Village

Inspired by beautiful snow villages, the client wanted Merestone to create an entrancing experience for their employees. The vision included facades of storefronts, an iconic ice rink, and a town square. During the months of planning and collaborating, the Merestone Creative Services Team had designed various looks for the village before receiving approval from the client. With the visual aid of digital renders, the team captured the vision the client wanted and the building began!

As functional food stations, the storefront facades manufactured at the Merestone scenic shop were each cut to look like a variety of traditional ski village buildings. Beautiful, characteristic graphics were then applied to the facades to finish the aesthetic.

What’s a snow village without an ice rink? To truly create an immersive experience for guests, a party needs to engage with people in a fun, creative way. As an interactive feature, Merestone provided a 2400 square foot ice rink with warm LED lighting that pulled together the final environment. As accent props and decor, Merestone placed around the field park benches, tudor street lamps, and pine trees with frosty branches. So many more intricate details were added into this scenic environment to enhance the experience of guests and encourage the sensation of going on a trip to a snowy, tucked-away village in the mountains.

Photo Gallery