virtual and hybrid meeitngs

Hybrid Meetings & Events

Hybrid Meetings and Events

Merestone specializes in connecting live and virtual attendees. Experience an engaging Hybrid Meeting.

What’s the best way to increase attendee participate and spread your message to a larger audience? The answer moving forward is to go “Hybrid.” Hybrid meetings, events and conferences have become the new industry standard. The challenge is creating an immersive, shared meeting experience that resonates with in-person and virtual attendees. Ensuring an inclusive and memorable experience for all audience members is key.

virtual and hybrid meeitngs

Merestone has produced dozens of hybrid meetings, events, and conferences over the past decade. We understand the logistical and production challenges associated with these events. With our background in traditional events, experience with live events, reliable virtual platform, and professional production team, Merestone is uniquely positioned to manage and execute inclusive hybrid meetings.

One thing that sets Merestone apart is our user-centric approach. We focus on creating a cohesive experience for virtual and in-person attendees. As a result, we consider every aspect of the event through two lenses. Everything from content creation and networking opportunities to recognition night and breakouts is planned to merge both audiences. This allows Merestone to construct and offer the best game plan for your hybrid meeting or event.

Engagement is the key to a successful hybrid meeting

Engagement is essential to all meetings. However, it can be easy to overlook virtual attendees during a hybrid meeting. While most production companies merely stream the event, Merestone employs measures to engage the virtual audience and bring them onto the stage. One way we do this is with interactive LED screens. Interactive displays allow virtual attendees to speak directly with virtual presenters and converse with onscreen guests for interviews or Q&A sessions. Our technology brings home attendees in the middle of the action. It’s just one of our many solutions for integrating both audiences.

Inspiring Hybrid Meetings and Events