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Hybrid Event

Legacy by design

In the southwest, music festival season is always just around the corner. Dancing in the sweltering heat and dirt has its charm, but there’s no need to wander out into the desert. Merestone can bring the fun and excitement of the music festival to your backyard. That’s exactly what we did for Arizona Creative Events and their attendees.

Merestone brought the music festival experience indoors and transformed an air-conditioned airplane hangar into Coachella themed haven. Over 1,000 employees came to eat, drink, play, dance, and post their experience on social media. Merestone spent over eight months planning to deliver the party of a lifetime. We produced every aspect of the event, from the larger-than-life festival-inspired food stations and décor to the evening’s entertainment and musical guests.

Event Type

Hybrid Event


562 Live + 1018 Virtual

Show Length

1 Day

Merestone Scope of Work

  • Custom “X” Staging with lighting
  • Audiovisual and projection
  • Intelligent lighting and special effects
  • Rear projection screens
  • Podiums
  • Labor and Trucking
  • CAD layouts and 3-D Renders

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