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Guerrilla marketing

Leaning Tower of Dallas – ‘When You See an Opportunity, Lean Into It’

Merestone was contacted literally just hours before going live to create what has been quoted as the “most innovative use of space” for one of our long-term advertising agency clients located in Dallas, TX.

When a building demolition caught the public’s curiosity when it didn’t come down all the way, creative minds came together to take advantage of current events and the Richards Group immediately called the Merestone team to quickly respond to this marketing opportunity. It was a whole team effort that moved crazy quick with the approval process and our in-house team to make it happen that same night that our client had the idea. Everyone had to move quickly because we saw the potential in the opportunity, and we didn’t know if this building would be up for another ten days or ten minutes.

The response was overwhelming positive from our client, the end client and the public who responded greatly all over local and national news channels and social media.

The Leaning Tower of Dallas has captured thousands of people’s imaginations and we’re just proud to have been a small part of that. We also just happened to have a whole lot of fun doing it.

Event Type

Gorilla Marketing



Show Length

4 Hours

Merestone Scope of Work

  • Merestone produced event equipment and labor in a matter of hours
  • Large format projection and specialty lensing
  • Over 3,000 linear feet of projection distance
  • Ground supported rigging structure to raise the projection system
  • Graphics content management and editing
  • Production Support
  • Creative Services
  • Projection Mapping Content Creation and Digital Signage
  • Event Production
  • Remote Generator and Electrical Distribution
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