Arizona Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus

IMEX 2018

After countless hours of pre-planning, numerous digital renderings, measuring 20 times and cutting once, Merestone has completed and shipped the Arizona Convention and Visitor’s Bureau tradeshow booth to Las Vegas for IMEX America 2018. All major components were built from scratch by Merestone’s top engineers, carpenters, and craftsmen to deliver the final product the client envisioned. During the months of pre-design, the client and Merestone thoroughly went over every piece to incorporate in this booth’s layout. From the metallic colors picked to the 15 foot diameter ceiling flyer, this booth was built with vision. It would take 289 days to share every detail that went into the building of this booth, however, to save time, here are a couple features to feature that will take 5 minutes to read.


Ceiling Flyer

Being noticed at a convention of over 5,000 attendees and 3,000 exhibitors is not easy. That’s why Merestone designed a monster in the sky to be seen from every corner of the Sands Convention Center. With a diameter of 15 feet, it’s hard to miss it hanging right over the client’s booth. Every detail of the flyer was hand selected by the client and crafted by the best engineers in the industry.


Custom LED Wall

It all started here. This center wall surrounds the LED panels to create a window effect. The client produced the perfect presentation of Arizona scenic shots to be displayed. Bright and beautiful, the LED panels have vibrant resolution that will accent every color in the Grand Canyon photos. While Merestone considered attendees checking in the front desk, the client also wanted a bar on the opposite side. This meant the LED wall needed to be double sided and the wall itself needed to double in size. Challenges presented themselves left and right, but Merestone’s craftsmen and carpenters were able to overcome them quickly and stay on schedule to ship everything from Phoenix to Las Vegas on time.


The Merestone Touch

No matter how complex, detailed, and large a project may be, Merestone provides the highest quality in all custom builds. Every detail is assessed and measured with cautious, critical thinking. If your company has a project that required great care and precision, Contact Us to hear how we can transform your vision into a reality.

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