Interactive Trade Show Experience

Interactive Trade Show Experience


First Aid Beauty’s Interactive Trade Show Experience

The 2022 Ulta Beauty Field Leadership Conference offered brands a unique opportunity to showcase their products. Looking to stand out, First Aid Beauty turned to Merestone Productions. They wanted to create a memorable and interactive trade show experience. Their concept was a fun, retro-inspired bowling alley.

Merestone’s design and fabrication loved the idea and elevated it. First, we focused on the booth layout and interactive elements. It was important to maximize the footprint and round out the experience attendees. We wanted to make sure visitors had enough to do while waiting their turn to bowl. Second, we developed 3d renders and collaborated with FAB’s design team to dial in the design and flow.

FAB Lanes needed to be colorful and inviting. Merestone infused the qualities and characteristics of First Aid Beauty’s Brand to accomplish this. The heart of the interactive trade show experience was the fully-functioning bowling lane. Since our client wanted to take the bowling alley and install it in their office after the event, we planned accordingly. At 16 feet long and 4 feet wide, Merestone fabricated the lane to be easy to use. It also needed to be durable. Elevating it 6in, allowed attendees in heels to bowl worry-free. The pins were decorated with skin issues that FAB products target. This allowed attendees to knock down skin issues with every throw.


FAB Lanes had a large 20-foot wide by 20-foot deep footprint. Above all, Merestone wanted to maximize our client’s brand visibility. We did this by fabricating the largest allowable booth height. To make FAB Lanes an attractive destination, Merestone focused on vintage illuminated elements. For example, the three-sided header featured rope lighting and standoff dimensional letters which channeled the 1950’s aesthetic. The header was visible from all corners of the convention space. As a result, the FAB Lanes booth had a steady influx of attendees.

Additionally, Merestone built special “rental” counters to welcome guests. Positioned on both sides of the booth, the counters featured backlit balls and shoes. These matched the brand’s Pantone colors. In addition, the claw machine and vintage arcade games were wrapped to match the branding. Moreover, they kept attendees engaged while waiting for their turn to bowl. Since every detail needed to be “post-worthy,” we kept as many of the builds in these fresh colors.

FAB Lanes was a memorable build for our team. More importantly, the attendees had a blast.

Event Type

Trade Show



Show Length

3 Days

Merestone Scope of Work

  • Custom scenic fabrication and printing for food stations
  • Audiovisual and projection
  • Intelligent lighting, moon balloons and gobos throughout space
  • Themed décor, vignettes and photo ops
  • Multiple bars with décor and illuminated elements
  • Labor and Trucking
  • CAD layouts and 3-D Renders
FAB Lanes Bowling Alley

Concept To Production

Interactive Trade Show Booth Render
Interactive Trade Show Experience

Interactive Trade Show – FAB Lanes