Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

BEST. SUMMER. EVER. Experiential Installation

Experiential Installations in Phoenix, AZ.

If you’re going to spend the summer in Arizona, it makes to do it poolside. As a series of experiential attractions, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort promoted their BEST. SUMMER. EVER. Using summer as inspiration, Merestone created a number of themed installations and photo ops. We strived to capture the essence of the season. From the beach to cold drinks, sweet treats, and relaxation.


Summer Time Livin’

To start, the Creative Services team presented the client digital renders of summer inspired photo ops and four were chosen; the lemonade stand, catch of the day, beach bum survival kit, and the popsicles.


Stay as Cool as a Popsicle

The five popsicles were inspired by the recognizable summer time treats kids would chase the ice cream truck to get. Merestone’s talented scenic team routed out each shape in detail. The twin pops had a bite mark in the corner while the push pop appeared melty. The firecracker pop had a distinguishable shape with ridges that the carpenters researched to capture just right in the final sculpture. After carving out all five, Merestone’s painters took over. Each popsicle had unique, vibrant colors that needed to be matched and applied just right. Once packaged for travelling, Merestone transported the popsicles and other installations to the resort.


Mural, Mural on the Wall

Because pop art murals create a buzz and attract people like honey, the Fairmont Princess requested an unique mural be added as well. Merestone’s amazing artists hand-drew the design and the client loved it! The final project was a masterpiece and gained loads of social love.


Love these creative summer photo op installations? Then, you’ll love the Fallen Statue of Liberty Merestone created for a movie premiere:

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