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Verde Events

Winter Wonderland Holiday Event for the Executive Ownership Team of Hyundai North America

Verde Events, a global meeting, event, and incentive company reached out to Merestone to create a one-of-a kind immersive “Winter Wonderland” experience for the Executive Ownership of Hyundai North America Holiday Event located at their Southern California headquarters. Our first task was to pay close attention to our client’s vision and then recreate that vision utilizing renders and animation to present to the Hyundai decision makers who would ultimately sign off on the overall concept, look and feel of the event. Then it was time for a site inspection of the Hyundai Headquarter building to see how that transformation would work logistically. The building is magnificent and would lend itself well to the theme but there were some logistical elements that needed to be sorted out to pull off the client requests.

One of the key highlights of the event space was a massive glass wall, 32ft tall by 145ft wide, upon which we projected various slow forming and retracting ice crystals throughout the evening. Utilizing projection mapping technology and laser projectors we were able to give the desired immersive effect flawlessly. Specialty lighting was also incorporated utilizing static and moving gobo projection along with a subtle ice blue area wash that engulfed floor to ceiling for the entrance and event space. Additionally, we “pin spotted” each of the table-scapes that enhance the candle laden tables providing an elegant feel that rounded out the wintery ambiance.

In addition, we were tasked with producing the main talent Entertainment’s “Rider” for the evening’s event. “String Theory” is a hybrid performance ensemble combining signature architectural harp performances inclusive of original music, dance, and projections. Merestone provided all staging elements, custom rigging for the Harp Strings, staging, audio reinforcement and choreographed lighting cues required for their signature “Tunable Harp” performance. Audio was also provided for executive presentations.

Event Type

Holiday Dinner Party


80 VIP Guests

Show Length

5 Hours

Merestone Scope of Work

  • Listening to our Client’s Vision and Creating a Conceptual Design worthy of Executive Sign-off
  • Four Large format laser projectors to “Projection Map” onto Large Glass Wall
  • Designed and Engineered a Custom Ground supported rigging structure to support the Entertainment’s “Tunable Flown Harp” Strings
  • Custom Created Video and Graphics Content for Projection
  • Custom Created Graphics Content for Gobo Lighting Projection
  • Thematic Lighting for Entrance and Main Event Space
  • Production Support and Management
  • Creative Services Initial Renders and CAD Drawings
  • Projection Mapping Software
  • Event Production working in Concert with local Rental and Décor Vendors
  • Management and Design of In-House Power and Power Distribution
  • Remote Generator and Electrical Distribution for Lighting and Caterer’s kitchen

Concept To Production

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