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Arizona’s #1 Production Company!

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A big thank you to AZ Big Media’s Ranking Arizona, to everyone that voted and to our amazing team!

Event Production Company

Arizona’s #1 Production Company!

Welcome to Merestone! we are Arizona’s #1 Production Company! To recap, we  specialize in creating experiences that help the world’s best brands.

Our Mission

Arizona's #1 Production Company

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Our Mission, to educate, communicate, inspire and elevate the people who mean the most to your company. Naturally, this is your employees, your customers and vendors. What is Event Management Production

One-of-a-kind, live and interactive events

Additionally, we produce one-of-a-kind, live and interactive events and environments that provide your audience with a true brand experience. We communicate your brand message through event and experiential campaigns that deliver a true impact and elicit response. Get More Info NOW!

COMPANY STRENGTHS: Talent, passion and love. It’s pretty amazing to watch a project go from producers, to event logistics coordinators, graphic designers, project managers, carpenters, welders, painters and technicians all under the same roof. There’s a guarantee that your event, fabrication or production will go through multiple talented hands to ensure you will receive only the best of who we are.

OUTLOOK FOR 2020: In one word: Expectant. Our job is to lead companies in telling their stories through brand experiences in ways that leave long-lasting impressions. As long as we do that and stick to the strengths our team brings, we know 2020 will be a year to remember.