American Public Works Association

Arizona Celebration


The Best Show in Public Works unites the best and brightest professionals in the business from around the United States and beyond for four days of extensive educational programming, workshops, and an expo trade show. Merestone was thrilled to assist with the 1,800 person welcome reception. Guests were immersed in all the culture that Arizona has to offer. The festivities took place at the Phoenix Convention Center where guests were surrounded by Native American, Western and Mexican environments. Entertainment for the event was equally culturally diverse and stimulating with Native American hoop dancers, Mexican Mariachis, Mexican traditional dancers, Western Can-Can and swing dancers.

Our clients eloquently summed up the event with these comments: “It really gave our international and American visitors an unexpected taste of our AZ culture, and we heard nothing but compliments and surprise at how great (and unique) it was. I had someone actually tell me that she had been to the last 26 APWA Congresses and our party was the best one she had been to! I also heard that from one of our retired APWA AZ Chapter members here. I think we nailed it!”

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