International Conference


When creating a conference setting for a company who specializes in graphics and design, go bold! FASTSIGNS hosts an annual International Convention and expects a memorable stage setting.  Each year, Merestone produces this event and understands our client’s expectation to enhance the experience. Ever since Merestone’s scenic shop carved FASTSIGNS’ custom 3-D letters, Merestone incorporated their logo into each year’s stage design. The best way to give them a different “look” is with lighting. Every stage designed for FASTSIGNS showcases quality lighting effects.

The power of the visual effects is magnified by the LED steps, which Merestone’s scenic shop constructed. These steps are the “frosting on the cake”. They are pixel map-able to display thousands of different colors depending upon how they are programmed. For two days, the Merestone production team assembled the audio, lighting, stage set, and tested the equipment in order to be show ready. Once the conference general session and breakout rooms were all set, the client was welcomed in for rehearsals and their breath was taken away.

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