Hybrid Staging LED Video Walls

Hybrid Conference At A Glance

Creating an inclusive hybrid experience for attendees

Modere’s 2022 Social Retailing Conference

At social retailing conferences, communication is key. When it’s also a hybrid conference, delivery is paramount. Training, networking, and sharing ideas must be handled with thought and care. The challenge becomes creating an inclusive environment. In-person and virtual attendees need to feel connected to the material. The experience must be the same for both types of attendees. For this reason, Merestone was proud to produce Modere’s 2022 Social Retailing Conference.

Over the course of four days, Merestone produced and streamed in the Salt Palace in Utah. The client wanted a platform to train and inspire their attendees. Additionally, they needed a clean and functional stage design to showcase their presentions. Merestone delivered with a unique LED Video Wall set. It featured multiple video columns with over 200 LED panels. The flexibility of the set design kept the look elegant and clean. It also elevated the production quality in a few ways. Firstly, it allowed for multiple presenter entrances and exits. This kept the show moving on schedule. Secondly, it enhanced the overall visual aesthetic to match Modere’s brand. The LED screens allowed the client to customize the look of each segment. Since Modere had product launches, it afforded the opportunity to reinforce its brand.

Spotlight on the Experience

Along with the event production, Merestone focused on the in-person attendees.  Much of this effort focused on creating exciting experiences for the attendees. We designed and fabricated a giant illuminated “M” for photo opportunities. Additionally, we transformed their Trim Spoon into a life-size experience. We also fabricated an oversized cellphone for the largest selfies imaginable. This included digital signage to reinforce the messaging and brand. The largest experience, however, was the retail space. Modered needed a functional store to move products. Customized for the client, Merestone fabricated shelves and illuminated display cases. These were modern and inspired by existing products. We also created the store layout and focused on accessibility.

Event Type

Hybrid Retail Conference


2,412 in-person – 1,000 virtual

Show Length

4 Days

Merestone Scope of Work

  • Event Management
  • Event Production
  • LED Video Panels
  • Stage Design and CAD Layouts
  • Audiovisual
  • Video Content and Digital Signage
  • Intelligent lighting and gobos throughout space
  • Custom-built Photo Ops
  • Branded Registration Counters
  • Retail Space Experience
  • Custom Shelves and illuminated displays
hybrid conference staging

Concept To Production

Hybrid Conference Stage Design Concept
Hybrid Conference Staging
Modere Experience
Modere Photo O M

Event Photos