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Product Reveal

Each year, Revlon hosts a brand reveal event to introduce the store managers to the new line of products going to market and engage them through networking, seminars, and social hours. Because Revlon has developed a household name for themselves, their events need to reflect who they are and go above and beyond. Consistently, Merestone delivers the results they want and brings their dreams to reality.

For this brand reveal in particular, the venue was chosen in sunny Florida, however, Revlon wanted the event environment to look and feel like New York’s Time Square. The client had recently invested in the new LED screen update in the heart of downtown NYC. As a profound moment for the company, Merestone was requested to transform the space into the vibrant metropolis.

To create an immersive experience for attendees, Merestone built the beautiful facades branded with graphics through Merestone’s print shop. Storefront signs and billboards were also constructed to tie together the look of a skyscraper jungle. As a cornerstone, Merestone provided and operated the LED screen positioned up and above for all viewers to see. The media shown on the LED screen was curated by Merestone’s Creative Services to mimic Time Square’s very own.


The VIP Experience

Tucked away for VIP meetings, Merestone created peaceful lounges with beauty bars, stocked with new products and cushy seating. All the distinct brand graphics displayed were provided by Merestone and uplit with mood lighting. These sections allowed executives to mingle and socialize while also testing out the new products in a quiet space.

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