Trade Show Cooking Demo Set

Williams Sonoma


As one of the most impressive brands to have worked with, Williams Sonoma knew what they wanted for their upcoming large-scale event but needed a full-service production company to piece it together. They reached out to Merestone to turn their manager’s conference into a memorable experience. This needed to be a tiered product reveal while also involving master classes for attendees to get participate in. To roll everything together, Merestone dived into the details for each aspect and vision Williams Sonoma had for their big event.

The Showroom Journey

Given the space booked for the manager’s conference, Merestone designed a showroom journey. The client didn’t want a simple layout with pots and pans stationed in the center of the room on a pedestal. Understanding this, Merestone’s creators rendered the Turning of the Seasons experience. Each room was a festive season and decorated with come-to-life props, graphics, vignettes, and innovative visual equipment.

In the Farm to Table room, Merestone installed a 120° seamless cyc wall with custom prints and projected floating clouds. The movement of the clouds created an immersive experience for all attendees when they walked into the room. Immediately, the sensation of being on a farm takes a hold before moving on the next showroom.

Upon entering the Tree Farm room, guests emerged into a forest of evergreens with powdery snow. A path of gas lamps led to an opening where tables showcased new Williams Sonoma products. Partition walls with prints of winter landscapes encompassed the room and created a wonderland experience for guests.

The Master Class Experience

For managers to learn more about the new products going to market, Williams Sonoma hosted master classes during the manager’s conference. Each class area was sectioned off with custom made and printed walls to limit distractions. In the front, the three kitchen stations were manufactured by Merestone’s scenic team. Their simple yet elegant design allowed attendees to focus on the instructor during each class. To guarantee everyone could hear what the instructors were teaching, Merestone audio technicians provided microphones and operated the quality surround sound systems.

The final production was an immersive and engaging experience that welcomed in Williams Sonoma employees to learn, play, and leave inspired.

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