Streaming and Broadcasting

Streaming and Broadcasting by Merestone

From wherever you are to anywhere in the world.

Are you looking for a top Streaming and Broadcasting company? Your search is over with Merestone event production. Although there is no better way than to meet and communicate face to face, in this world, it is not always feasible.


Plan your meeting

While planning your meeting you might find that while not everyone can travel to one city, you still need to communicate information to your national or global audience. So why not turn your gathering into a virtual meeting space for your team, clients or vendors?

That’s where Merestone Productions comes in. We are fully equipped with conference rooms and studios that are up-linked to the world. While our meeting room can hold up to 50 people, our cameras can reach thousands. You’ll have access to onsite audio and video edits, quality AV equipment and our wonderful, top level  AV Staff.

We can take any content from video, graphics, PowerPoint or Keynote, Live Studio footage, IMAG or drone footage and stream it to any internet capable audio or visual device such as smart phones, monitors, tablets and computers.

While our options include our studio space and broadcasting services, take a look at our add-ons for customized amenities such as voice overs, sound rooms, creative services, catering and furniture. Even if you don’t see something you need, give us a call! We wouldn’t be in this business if we weren’t problem solvers. See More Information


1. Studio Conference Room

2. Studio Meeting Room

3. Studio and All Meeting Spaces

4. On Location


1. Video Production, Editing and Voice Over.

2. Catering

3. Customized Seating and Furniture in Studio

4. Creative Services, Design, Animation, Script Writing and PowerPoint

*Prices are specific to each event or meeting*.  Here are some things to consider for your pricing:

  1. Size of your internet audience.
  2. How long will you like your footage available?
  3. How much time do you plan on using the studio for?
  4. If we are broadcasting from your location, will we need to upgrade your internet speed? Minimum of 15 up 15 down for single video stream.