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Announcing Merestone’s New MASSIVit 5000 for Trade Show Displays and More


3D Large-Volume Printing and Custom Manufacturing at Unprecedented Speeds


The MASSIVit 5000 is designed to shift the paradigm for prototyping, tooling, and custom manufacturing across a range of markets: Automotive, Marine, Rail, Architecture, Scenic Fabrication, and Visual Communication. Schedule a backstage tour to see the new resolutions, printing modes, and material for greater quality and cost-efficiency. See our MASSIVit live in action!

Advantages to Merestone’s 3D Printing for Trade Show Displays and Many Areas of Discipline

Empowering manufacturers and service providers to expedite their lead times with unique Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology.
Responding to the needs of a range of industries:

See What Makes the MASSIVit 5000 So Revolutionary

Examples of 3D Printing

30x Times Faster Than Other Technologies

Merestone can produce full-scale 3D prototypes, molds, and custom parts within a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks. Our MASSIVit 5000 is perfect for  installations for trade show displays, photo ops, as well as artistic meeting and event solutions.

What makes Merestone’s 3D MASSIVit 5000 printer so fast?

The Gel Dispensing technology is blazing fast and the UV light on the dispenser cures material instantly. The speed of the process allows for larger, more intricate and practical 3D prints.
The MASSIVit 5000 offers new resolutions and printing material for higher definition, greater model fidelity, as well as faster production of large, robust parts. The dual material mechanism now lets you simultaneously print with a different material on each print head according to application requirements, bringing greater workflow efficiency.
A new camera on the print head leverages advanced image recognition for more efficient, automated cleaning only when required. Advanced slicing features now enable automated file preparation, and an additional 40” flat panel screen provides easy monitoring via 3 internal cameras that can also be used for marketing purposes. Enjoy the new, elegant look & feel!

See the MASSIVit 5000 3D Printer In Action