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Why Our Virtual Event Company by Merestone

Imagine your event, Virtual !!

Virtual Event Companies do not have to feel distant. We bring people together with real, authentic experiences that just so happen to take place online.


Conferences, trade shows and other live virtual events

Conferences, trade shows and other live events across the globe have been forced to postpone or cancel. As a result, many brand and event coordinators are looking for ways to salvage their investments and meeting plans.  Additionally, moving to digital event conferencing allows event producers and managers to deliver branded digital event experiences to their audiences online. Finally, virtual events and can even help to reach new audiences who would not otherwise have attended.


What is a virtual event?

In short, a virtual event replicates a ‘physical’ location-based event but online.  It allows you to host a global conference, awards program, trade show, product launch, & training. Also, incentive a event to anywhere in the world.  At Merestone, we provide a web-based virtual event platform that allows attendees to watch and interact in real time. Furthermore, allowing features and flexibility to customize unique and meaningful experiences with your attendees.

What is the value of virtual events?  While virtual events may seem like they’d be less engaging, you’d be surprised at the value they can bring. They allow you to bring together a wider audience that just couldn’t be physically allowed in a traditional brick and mortar facility. These can be incredibly powerful as they vastly increase the number of people who can attend. Remote attendees are able to join from all around the world. You’ll also have access to top-tier presenters who can easily participate from their home or office. Travel costs that could have prevented attendees from being able to attend a live event are no longer an issue.

Plus, virtual means less overhead costs — after all, you’re not budgeting for a venue, food and beverage costs, hotel audio visual, power rigging and internet charges, large events staff, and other in-person line items. So you get to drastically reduce your outgoings (not to mention, your carbon emissions), while spending more value on curating the best virtual event possible.

Lastly, there’s the data. It’s much easier to track who is watching what when everyone is tuning in online. All that attendee data is music to sponsors’ ears, which can make securing the best ones for your online event a whole lot easier. Learn more about the value of a virtual event company?

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