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Virtual Meetings Platform

As a virtual event production company, Merestone produces immersive virtual and hybrid meetings and events that recreate the experience, value, and networking of a traditional live event.

With the “pivot” from live events to virtual events due to the events in 2020 and 2021, not only did the event landscape change, there was a seismic shift in people’s expectations through that period of time. Online meetings and events became the norm rather than just an interesting deviation for convenience sake. It has always been MereStone’s approach that going virtual should be an amazing experience, and much more now than before 2020!

We have made it our goal to provide the best online event platform, provide plentiful solutions and employ sufficient production staff in order to revolutionize your next meeting or event, whether it be virtual or hybrid. In our virtual meetings platform and hybrid events, we specialize in connecting attendees, teams, guest speakers, company divisions and honorees from around the globe.

Our virtual meeting platform is unique because of our approach to production. The MereStone team crafts a customized virtual event tailored to your specific goals, vision, standards and limitations.

This is your event. We make sure it is something your company can take pride in.

Whether you’re looking for the interaction of a curved LED video wall, staging a virtual awards show, or looking for a production company to host a virtual conference streamed from the inside of a hotel ballroom/corporate headquarters, we have the experience to deliver.

Our goal is to optimize audience engagement so that your presenters, pinned audience members and messaging take center stage.

MereStone is a hybrid events production company that can handle your needs and develop a game plan that will maximize audience participation and engagement.

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Stream from our Tempe Virtual Meetings Platform Studios

Merestone can also host your next virtual event from the convenience of our modern virtual event agency studios. We have produced dozens of successful and engaging virtual meetings platform events from our Tempe production studio.

Our Tempe Location has multiple broadcast-quality studios that are ready to stream. We can film pre-recorded content, edit presentations in-house for video playback, and broadcast live with the switch of a button.

We have lighting and sound techs on site, teleprompters, make-up rooms, speaker ready areas, and we offer rehearsal spaces so that you’re ready and confident for your virtual or hybrid event.

Watch the Forever Living Global Rally 2021 Filmed as a Virtual Event from Our Studios

Virtual Sets for your next meeting

Elevate your next virtual meeting with one of our virtual meetings platform sets. Virtual sets are perfect for general session meetings, recognition/awards programs, press releases, charity events and more. Choose from one of our in-house elegant virtual environments, or we can create something custom that fits your specific brand and messaging.

So how exactly would that work? We film keynote speakers and presenters on our green screen, and they appear in the virtual set in real-time. There is no lag time complete with shadowing and reflections based on the virtual set selected or created by our in-house creative services department.

virtual sets
Virtual sets
Franco Green Screen Virtual Set

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