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Strategy, Creative & Production All In-House

As an established meeting & event production company with over 50 years in the industry, Merestone takes pride in its legacy of excellence, innovation & client satisfaction. Leveraging our strong reputation, seasoned team & comprehensive service portfolio, we are poised to seize new opportunities & continue delivering exceptional event experiences for our clients for many years to come.

Got a Vision? Let's Make It Unforgettable.

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Who We Are

Merestone is a leading complete audiovisual provider in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in producing memorable event experiences through innovative AV solutions and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Our team of audiovisual providers in Texas is committed to turning your vision into reality with advanced technology and superior personalized services.

See The Difference.
Feel The Impact.


We Lead. Others Follow.

Our Approach to Audiovisual

Merestone understands how important AV technology is when it comes to your event’s success. As a prominent
audiovisual provider in Dallas, our carefully crafted process ensures your event captivates, intrigues, and
provides an unrivaled experience.

Make Events Unforgettable

Create events that people remember, turning every guest into a fan.

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Find the Right People

We know how to attract the crowd that
matters, making every event a hit.

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Send a Strong Message

With Merestone, your message sticks, making
sure people talk about it long after.


Boost Your Brand

Your brand is what everyone sees and
remembers–standing out big time.


Your Partner for Growth

Every event is an opportunity to elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression in the industry.

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Hear From The Trailblazers

Our Services

Audio Design
Lighting Innovation
Projection Mapping
Event Technology
Content Creation
Scenic Design and Custom Fabrication
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Audio Design

Tailoring soundscapes to enhance the
atmosphere of each event, ensuring every
word and note hits perfectly.

Audio Design 1 scaled
Audio Design 1 scaled
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From mood-setting ambient washes to high-energy intelligent lighting, Merestone crafts lighting designs that transform spaces and captivate attendees.

Lighting Innovation 1 scaled
Lighting Innovation 1 scaled
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Projection Mapping

Turning ordinary surfaces into extraordinary visual displays, projection mapping provides an experience that elevates your event.

Project Mapping 1
Project Mapping 1
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Event Technology

Blending projection mapping, special effects, and gamification to craft immersive experiences. Our innovative approach elevates events, engaging attendees with captivating visuals and interaction.

Event Technology 1 scaled
Event Technology 1 scaled
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Content Creation

From compelling PowerPoints to dynamic speaker support and visually stunning content that renders across platforms, we ensure your message not only reaches but resonates with every attendee.

Content Creation 1 scaled
Content Creation 1 scaled
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Scenic Design and Custom Fabrication

We create captivating backdrops that do more than set the stage—they bring visions to life and transform the environment. From stages to trade show booths, our design expertise and custom builds leave a lasting impression and amplify your message.

Scenic Design and Custom Fabrication 1
Scenic Design and Custom Fabrication 1

Work With Us

Audiovisual Provider in Dallas, Texas

Frequently Asked

Merestone provides a vast range of audiovisual services in Dallas aimed at making events captivating and memorable. Our offerings include advanced audio design, innovative lighting solutions, projection mapping, interactive event technology, content creation, and custom scenic design and fabrication.

Yes, Merestone specializes in managing large-scale events in Dallas, equipped with an extensive inventory and experienced team capable of handling even the most complex setups, ensuring an impactful audiovisual experience.

Absolutely. Our team excels in crafting custom lighting designs tailored to set the desired mood and ambiance for events, whether it’s creating subtle highlights or crafting dramatic effects.

Merestone stands out for its fusion of cutting-edge technology and strategic creative design. Our seasoned team ensures that each event is visually stunning, acoustically superior, and flawlessly executed, offering unparalleled support throughout the project.

We stay ahead of the curve by continuously investing in the latest AV technologies and staff training. Regular participation in leading exhibits and trade shows keeps us abreast of new trends and innovations, ensuring that we offer the most advanced solutions to our clients in Dallas, Texas.

Certainly. Our skilled team can deliver audiovisual solutions tailored for both indoor and outdoor events in Dallas, adept at adapting to various environmental conditions.

Yes, our versatile team can tailor our audiovisual services to suit events of any size, ensuring the perfect AV solutions for every occasion in Dallas, Texas.

We begin with an in-depth discovery process to comprehend the client’s vision, presenting custom renderings and CAD drawings to ensure that our designs perfectly align with the event’s objectives.

We leverage top-of-the-line equipment and seasoned audio engineers to manage sound quality, ensuring clarity and impact for all attendees.

Following events, we provide services such as audiovisual content editing, highlight reel creation, technical analysis, and producing ‘Happy Face’ videos to capture the excitement of the occasion.

Our technical staff is onsite to manage all audiovisual elements, ensuring smooth operation from start to finish.

We meticulously plan and execute all logistical aspects, including equipment setup, power requirements, and coordination with other vendors.

We collaborate with various venues, including convention centers, hotels, outdoor spaces, and unique locations, tailoring our services to fit each event’s specific needs.

Yes, we offer comprehensive live streaming and virtual event services to expand reach and engagement.

We adhere to all regulations and standards, conduct thorough risk assessments, and ensure our team is trained in best practices for safe and compliant production.

Opting for a local provider ensures familiarity with venues, prompt response times, personalized service, competitive pricing, and dedicated support.

Absolutely, we offer comprehensive support for multi-day events, ensuring consistent quality and seamless transitions between event days.

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